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Brown Bean Pork & Potato Soup


This is a recipe that I got from my mum. I used to love it when my mum makes this soup before I had to cook for myself. It is a very comforting soup that will soothe your worries.



500g of pork (ribs or tenderloin)
4 large potatoes (cut into bite size pieces)
2 tablespoons of ground brown bean sauce/paste
5 cloves of garlic (peeled and smashed)
3 pieces of 1 cm ginger pieces
Dash of soy sauce

In a pot, add some oil. Let the oil heat up a little bit then add garlic and ginger.

After awhile, add into pork pieces and let the pork cook. Add a dash of soy sauce and the brown bean sauce. Mix well.

Add potato pieces and mix together until coated with sauce. Let mixture cook for 2-3 minutes.


Now, you can either take off the stove, let it cool down and refrigerate to cook at a later time, or add about 4 cups of water and let it boil.

Cook until potatoes are soft and pork is tender.


The soup is a salty delicious concoction; great to eat with some warm white rice. I like to use pieces of pork with more flesh so it becomes an additional dish instead of just soup. I also like cooking the soup until the potatoes are soft and fluffy.

Do try it one day. 🙂


Steamed Miso Salmon


Not wanting to repeat the same old recipes for salmon and also for more blogging material, I decided to search for more Japanese inspired ways to cook salmon. The recipe I decided on is miso in foil packets which is a simple recipe that has both protein and veggies. Simple!

I changed the recipe a little bit, so I’m posting the recipe below.



1 fillet of salmon, cut into two pieces (about 250g)
1 carrot, cut into small strips
3/4 of packet of enoki mushrooms
2 tbps sake
3 tbps miso
1 tbps sugar

Mix sake, miso and sugar together in a bowl. (To mix miso well with other ingredients, I usually use the back of a spoon and smoothen the miso against the wall of the bowl).
Spread the carrots on a steel plate, then place the mushrooms on top of the carrots. Then place the salmon fillets on the veggies.
Cover with aluminium foil and steam for around 20 minutes.

I omitted a few ingredients that were originally called for in the recipe. Looking at only the recipe, I had no idea how the dish was going to taste like. So I made some judgement calls and made the dish as I thought fit. I also used a metal plate instead ad of foil just for the sake of convenience and to reduce the amount of foil.


Here’s how the finished product looks like. It is a really tasty, quick and easy dish to make, extremely suitable for lazy weekends. 😉 Definitely give it a try.

A different kind of “cake”


I bought a pasta bake sauce just yesterday and decided to make it for dinner today. Just a simple dish that’s easy and fast to make.


1 cup Dolmio’s pasta bake Creamy Sundried Tomatoes & Garlic Sauce
1 large chicken breast, diced
Pepper, to taste
Olive oil
2 cups pasta
1 cup or more frozen mixed veggies
1 cup cheese (used mixture of sharp cheddar, Parmesan & mozzarella

Preheat oven to 220 degrees Celcius. Saute diced chicken in olive oil with pepper. Prepare pasta as directed by packaging. Pour boiling water over frozen mixed veggies. Mix cooked pasta, cooked chicken, veggies and sauce in a large bowl. Transfer to baking dish (I used a cake baking tin because it fits perfectly) and sprinkle cheese over the mixture. Bake for 15 minutes.

(adapted from recipe provided on the sauce bottle)



I think this is not really post-worthy material but I decided to post it anyway because I ingeniously used the cake tin to cook this in.

This recipe turned out quite well. The cheese was just enough, not too thick and cheesy, just enough to be crunchy and to add more flavours and protein to the dish. I think I would definitely turn to more shortcuts like this on weekdays.

2 cups of pasta was just enough for 2 small servings for dinner and 1 serving leftover for lunch. Next time I might increase the amount of ingredients to have enough leftover for lunch the next day.

Pandan Chiffon Cake


I have been wanting to make this yummy treat for awhile now but I’ve been putting it off a few times already. Finally, I made this and the cake turned out quite well.

I found the recipe here: Kirbie Cravings’ Pandan Chiffon Cake recipe.

From what she said in that post, I felt a little unsure of whether the cake I was going to bake would turn out right.

I’ve made some modifications to the recipe as usual, just to suit the ingredients I have and to suit my lazy streak. I didn’t sift the flour but used a whisk to combine the dry ingredients. The whisk will break up the flour and mix the dry ingredients evenly.


I used the same whisk to mix ingredients (A) and (B) together. And used my electric beater to mix the egg whites. Instead of cream of tartar, I substituted it with white vinegar. I don’t think it affected the taste much.

To be honest, I don’t think I mixed the final batter well enough but surprisingly it still turned out okay, at least taste-wise. The cake tin I had was on the shallow side. There was batter leftover after filling as much as I could into my cake tin. I decided to just improvise and bake the rest of the batter in cupcake cups. This was not one of my better ideas.


I just didn’t have the time to bake two batches. So the cake was light and spongy but the cupcakes were a little dry. Not a good idea, next time I will reduce the recipe by half and it’ll just fit snugly in my cake tin I reckon. Will probably bake this again soon.

Here’s how it looks out of the oven:


The crusty bits were definitely not that great compared to its spongy and moist insides.


Stay tuned to see how the halved recipe will turn out like. 😉

Miso-glazed Salmon


It’s the weekend and that is usually accompanied by a sort of weekend-blues for me unfortunately. So what better to feel better than to have a yummy and healthy meal that’s easy to put together.

I had salmon, some chives, carrots, yellowing broccoli and a pantry stocked with white rice and miso. So I made some miso-glazed salmon with warm white rice, steamed veggies and miso soup. This is one of my favourite ways to cook salmon because it’s easy and delicious.

The recipe I used is from: myrecipes miso-glazed salmon recipe.
I halved the recipe for two servings. If you read through the recipe, it says to baste the fish which is basically scooping up juices and liquid around the cooking fish and pouring it over the fish.

So I came up with this ingenious idea of building a ford around the fish with aluminium foil. I also lined the baking pan with some baking paper.


I should have thought of this earlier! The best thing is that I don’t have to wash the pan after cooking!

I really don’t have that many different types of utensils for cooking, I consider it quite minimal. So some times improvising is necessary. To steam my veggies, I used my large cooking pot and my strainer which actually does a very good job.


And here is what we had for lunch, satisfying and comforting. 🙂