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Fried Quinoa


Ohie~ Yes I know I haven’t posted anything in awhile but I decided to come back and just blog about stuff I cook normally…. Just because I can I guess.. 

So today I made fried quinoa which is variation of what Chef John made.. I previously made pork-fried quinoa with ham as suggested but today I decided not to do the pork version because I didn’t have any ham. Substituted instead with mushrooms. 😀 


Here’s the recipe of what I made: 

1 1/2 cups of Quinoa

2 1/4 cups of water (to cook the quinoa in)

1 large red pepper

2 small onions

~1 cup of mushroom 

3-4 cloves of garlic (minced) 

1 small carrot 

Soy sauce

Tabasco sauce

Wash the quinoa, drain and let it sit for 5 minutes. Then put the quinoa into a pot and the 2 1/4 cups of water and cook over high heat. When it starts to simmer, lower the heat and cover the pot. Cook for 15 minutes. 

Chop the garlic, carrot, red pepper, onions and mushrooms. The amount of veggies you choose to add is up to you. The last time I cooked this, I didn’t feel like it was filling enough so bumped up the amount of veggies a little and added a carrot. =) 



Uncooked, the amount of veggies looked a bit intimidating but after all of it softens and cooks, it isn’t as much as it seems. So I have to always remind myself to add more veggies without fear. 

Next let’s start making fried quinoa! Add some oil into a pan (I fried some eggs to eat with this dish, so just used the leftover oil in the pan), then add the chopped carrots, red peppers, onions and mushrooms. After all the veggies soften, add the garlic. Continue to cook for a bit and then add the cooked quinoa. Stir well then add soy sauce and tabasco! 

Continue mixing and cooking all the ingredients. I decided to replace the rice wine and hot sauce Chef John used with tabasco (coz that’s what I have) and it actually turned out quite yummy. Put as much and as little as you like. 

All the fried quinoa I made was enough for 4 lunch servings. 


Korean Snacks Haul


So my bf and I decided to go for a ride around the lake this afternoon. I already decided to try a new salmon recipe for dinner tonight and needed some extra ingredients.

On our way home, I discovered a “new” Asian groceries shop, which was perfect since I needed to get some sake and enoki mushrooms. Long story short, we were tired and slightly hungry, mixed with cute packaging (that’s mostly me), we bought quite a lot of snacks at least a lot for my standards.

Photos ahead:

Our entire “haul”

Isn’t this the cutest thing ever?? Fishies!

Discovered this on top when I got home!

More cuteness inside. ❤

Taste-wise, the two cookies we bought were quite yummy. They were chewy and just the right degree of sweetness (for me, my bf reckons its too sweet). The biscuit sticks were really cheap, just $1! Not a huge portion but they taste decent.

Will be posting about the salmon dish soonish. =)

Tangzhong method Hokkaido Milk Toast


This as you might know is my second attempt at making bread. It’s definitely something that I’m not used to making yet. I have not really understood and mastered it yet. But this is a good attempt at making bread.

I found this Hokkaido Milk Toast  recipe from Kirbie Craving’s blog. I don’t have a bread machine or a powerful stand mixture so I had to knead by hand. My dough didn’t look as smooth as the one shown on her blog at all but it think it came out pretty well anyway. =) I used up all the tangzhong made with the recipe in her link, which is really great. I wouldn’t know what to do with the leftovers.

I separated the dough into two to knead as it was too much dough for me to handle. When putting the cylindrical rolls into my pan, I found it didn’t really fill up with only 3 rolls so I put in 4 anyway.

Like in the recipe, I divided the dough into 6 portions. I have 2 portions left and I decided to try making buns with them. But I found out that it wasn’t the right thing to do because loaf recipes and bun recipes are NOT THE SAME. I called my mum and told her about me making bread and buns out of the same dough and she has informed me that I can’t do that. lol.

funny shaped buns

However, the buns were all eaten up on the day itself. =D They weren’t too bad just not that good.

I fount out anyway when I tried the buns. The buns I made were dense and not soft and fluffy as I have imagined. The loaf however was really delicious. It was soft, fluffy and smelt really good.

Loaf of Hokkaido Milk Toast

I ate one portion of the bread with nutella. 😀 So yummy!

I am definitely going to try making more bread. So stay tune to see what disasters I’ll encounter. 😀