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Sort-of-red Velvet Cupcakes


Been itching to try baking red velvet cake. I’ve never baked or eaten red velvet before but it seems to have a good presence and reputation, so they should be good right??

I made my cupcakes according to this recipe. I didn’t use red colouring, just because I didn’t have any and didn’t want to get any. I kind of reasoned that since food colouring only affects the appearance and not the taste it wasn’t really too necessary. Some will beg to differ I’m sure. Instead of food colouring, colouring from beets are usually used to dye the cake red. I just wanted an easy and relaxing after work baking experience, so no colouring, artificial or otherwise.

I don’t think buttermilk is available in Australia but I honestly wouldn’t bother getting it even if its available just to use half a cup. Substituted by mixing 1/2 tablespoons of vinegar (or you can use lemon juice) in 1/2  cup of milk and letting it stand for a few minutes.

Freshly baked

I tried a little bit of the cupcake after it came out of the oven. I could taste the ‘vinegar’ in the cake while it was hot but after having another one after icing it, it just tasted like a nice and moist chocolate cake. I divided the batter into 11 cupcake cups instead of 12 and that’s probably why the cupcakes rose a bit too much and cracked. Somehow I never manage to the surface of the cupcakes I make smooth and even but that’s because I never manage to divide the batter correctly.

For the frosting, I halved the amount of ingredients used. But when I was making  it, I was somehow under the impression I was quartering it. So I ended up using about 250g of mascarpone (in place of cream cheese) and 1/4 cups of icing sugar (I think I was possed by the I-can’t-do-math ghost or something, that’s actually 1/8 of the original recipe!). The mascarpone was left over from making the tiramisu chocolate mousse on Valentine’s. Based on my extensive watching of the foodwishes youtube channel, mascarpone is a richer (read: more fat) cream cheese, so definitely okay to substitute.  I ‘sprinkled’ some cocoa powder on top of the iced cupcakes. 😀

They are absolutely divine. Really delicious!! I managed to ice 8.5 cupcakes generously. 0.5 because I kind of got the first one wrong. I left my absolutely new piping bags out of my luggage when I came back, so I had to improvise. I used a zip lock bag and cut an opening in one of the corners. Didn’t turn out too bad. =) Was never really good at errr… artsy stuff. So I think it’s not bad for my standards.


Will definitely make these again in the future and I might even try using some beetroot to make real RED velvet cake. They tasted really good and the little calculation mishap wasn’t really a bad thing. The frosting tasted just right and really complimented the moist chocolate cake.

I’m eager to try making this pandan chiffon cake recipe this weekend. Hopefully I’ll manage to find some pandan extract.