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First attempt at Bread


So I’ve never baked bread before. I was quite intimidated about making bread because it always felt like I needed large and fancy equipment (bread machine) and it really put me off. That was until I saw bread recipes and I was itching to try making something.

I decided to try a recipe that is simple and easy (or so I thought)…

My bread was marginally successful, it was passable but not a success in my opinion. I actually failed in my first attempt because the dough didn’t rise. =(

First time I did it, I followed instructions to a tee. Because I started making bread after dinner, when I finally accepted the reality that my dough was never gonna rise, it was quite late at night already. I committed yeast genocide when I put the dough into a too hot oven (> 28 degrees Celcius) to proof. I wasted half a kilo of flour and 1 bottle of beer! >.< But being adamant about having freshly baked bread to eat the next morning I decided to start over at around 2am at night.

This time I skipped making the sponge and used cider instead of beer because that was all I got. I left the dough to rise for a few hours (about 5) and proofed it the second time in the morning.

It turned out okay, looked really nice after it came out of the oven. I was pretty excited about it. It looks like bread!

 However, there’s a difference between bread that looks like bread and bread that tastes like bread. It was okay but not the best bread I’ve had or anything like that. It tasted a bit bland, so if I made it again I would add a little bit more salt and the bread was quite dense, probably because I skipped making the sponge. It also tasted quite alcoholic! lol.

But we finished the bread in a day. 😀 I think it wouldn’t have tasted  even weirder if it was left longer.


To commemorate my first attempt at bread making and pure greediness, I made bacon and eggs for breakfast! That morning was also the first time I poached eggs. 😀 it was a day of many firsts (actually just two…). Not exactly the healthiest thing to eat for breakfast but I really wanted to have the greasy goodness of bacon and yummy sauteed mushrooms.

I’m definitely gonna try making bread again. =) hopefully the next time will be more successful than this.