Another comfort food that’s simple and easy to make. Mainly consists of 3 main ingredients, chicken, eggs and onions. There are a few other ingredients you will need for flavouring but if you cook or tried to cook Japanese food before, the ingredients should be staples in your pantry.

Oyakodon basically means parent and child rice. The chicken is the parent and eggs is the child. I got the recipe originally from here. I’ve modified the recipe a little bit and the recipe is posted below.



2-2.5 cups rice (uncooked), cook rice
400g of chicken (thigh or breast fillets) cubed into bite sized pieces
3 small onions or 1-2 medium sized onions, sliced thinly
4 eggs, beaten lightly
1 cup of dashi (stock water)
2 tablespoons Mirin
3 1/2 tablespoons soy sauce
1 1/2 tablespoons sugar

In a large wok, add dashi and let it heat up to a simmer. Then, add Mirin, sugar and soy sauce and bring up to a simmer.

Add in chicken pieces and let it cook for a few minutes. Next, add in the onions and leave to cook for another few minutes.


After the onions have softened, pour in the beat eggs. Let eggs cook while stirring occasionally. After the eggs have cooked, pour over warm rice.

Serve with nori (seaweed).


Eat when warm. I think it’s a little different from the oyakodon in Japanese restaurants I think. The texture of the egg is more omelette-like and not as runny. However, I like this version as well, the runny mixture on rice is really good, flavouring the rice with a mild sweet and salty taste.

Definitely a good recipe to make for dinner after a work day.


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