Steamed Miso Salmon


Not wanting to repeat the same old recipes for salmon and also for more blogging material, I decided to search for more Japanese inspired ways to cook salmon. The recipe I decided on is miso in foil packets which is a simple recipe that has both protein and veggies. Simple!

I changed the recipe a little bit, so I’m posting the recipe below.



1 fillet of salmon, cut into two pieces (about 250g)
1 carrot, cut into small strips
3/4 of packet of enoki mushrooms
2 tbps sake
3 tbps miso
1 tbps sugar

Mix sake, miso and sugar together in a bowl. (To mix miso well with other ingredients, I usually use the back of a spoon and smoothen the miso against the wall of the bowl).
Spread the carrots on a steel plate, then place the mushrooms on top of the carrots. Then place the salmon fillets on the veggies.
Cover with aluminium foil and steam for around 20 minutes.

I omitted a few ingredients that were originally called for in the recipe. Looking at only the recipe, I had no idea how the dish was going to taste like. So I made some judgement calls and made the dish as I thought fit. I also used a metal plate instead ad of foil just for the sake of convenience and to reduce the amount of foil.


Here’s how the finished product looks like. It is a really tasty, quick and easy dish to make, extremely suitable for lazy weekends. 😉 Definitely give it a try.


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