Miso-glazed Salmon


It’s the weekend and that is usually accompanied by a sort of weekend-blues for me unfortunately. So what better to feel better than to have a yummy and healthy meal that’s easy to put together.

I had salmon, some chives, carrots, yellowing broccoli and a pantry stocked with white rice and miso. So I made some miso-glazed salmon with warm white rice, steamed veggies and miso soup. This is one of my favourite ways to cook salmon because it’s easy and delicious.

The recipe I used is from: myrecipes miso-glazed salmon recipe.
I halved the recipe for two servings. If you read through the recipe, it says to baste the fish which is basically scooping up juices and liquid around the cooking fish and pouring it over the fish.

So I came up with this ingenious idea of building a ford around the fish with aluminium foil. I also lined the baking pan with some baking paper.


I should have thought of this earlier! The best thing is that I don’t have to wash the pan after cooking!

I really don’t have that many different types of utensils for cooking, I consider it quite minimal. So some times improvising is necessary. To steam my veggies, I used my large cooking pot and my strainer which actually does a very good job.


And here is what we had for lunch, satisfying and comforting. 🙂




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