Green tea Java chip Mini Cheesecakes


Shopped for baking ingredients and materials at a neighbourhood shop that sold baking good and bought a small bottle of green tea powder and a number of other things. I was meeting some friends on Friday night and wanted to make a treat.

I’ve previously made these Chocolate Chip Mini Cheesecakes before in Canberra and they were really divine. So I planned to make some back in Penang when I’m home and brought back a packet of Cadbury’s milk chocolate chips with me.

Having both ingredients at hand, I decided to put the green tea powder and chocolate chips together and make so-called ‘Green tea with Java chip’ mini cheesecakes. Starbuck’s Green tea frappucino is a drink that I and a lot of my friends adore. A friend also introduced me to the version with Java chips added before this and it kind of ‘inspired’ me to try this. It would have been closer to ‘Java chips’ if it was dark chocolate chips but it’ll do. =)

I just followed the recipe linked above and added 2 teaspoons of green tea powder into the cheesecake mixture.

I made 8 mini cheesecakes in large muffin cases before but I spread the cheesecake mixture a little thin and made 9 mini cheesecakes this time. The crust mixture is more than enough for 9 cases.

Substituted digestive biscuits instead of graham crackers and natural yogurt in place of sour cream/Greek yogurt. The yogurt I got was a bit on the runny side for some reason, maybe because it was low fat? But I think it still worked.

Green Tea Choc Chip Mini Cheesecakes


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